Father Panagiotis Hanley

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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

As we approach the end of the summer months I hope and pray that all of you have a blessed, safe and healthy summer.  

            I thank God that we here in Charlottesville have come through the anniversary of the August 2017 riot without further loss of life.  I also pray that we as a Community-at-large will now find it within ourselves to come together in peace and unity to begin a long overdue healing process.  I encourage all of the people in Charlottesville to take part in Community discussion and public forums, but I ask that if you do so, please do so in a civil manner.  Often time when we hear something today that we disagree with the rebuttal is one that is hostile in nature to the extreme.  The benefits no one and simply makes the matters at hand even worse than before.  

            If we as Christians look at the example of Jesus Christ, who engaged people in all types of discussions across all levels of society we will notice that Christ never responded with hate, violence, sarcasm, or bitterness. Instead He responded with the Truth, love and offered peace and reconciliation.  Too often in today’s society someone hears something and instead of responding with the amicably the remark becomes personal and very hateful. Difficult as it maybe we must not engage in this type of “argument”.  The division in our country today is most notable.  What we must ask ourselves as Orthodox Christians is what are we doing to help heal that divide?  If for example, you engage someone who isn’t a Christian in a discussion about a Christian principle(s) (fill in any Christian Principle you wish here) and they state an opposing opinion that doesn’t give you the right to berate that person or their onion(s).  Absolutely nothing is gained that way.  Now to be equally honest, the other person(s) has no right to respond to you in a like manner.  Yet as Christ continually taught and so did the Apostles and the Saints, we are not responsible for the actions of others but rather for our own actions and words.      We must continually remind ourselves that we are called out of this world. 

            I hope and pray that you all have a blessed remainder to the Summer season and as we approach the Ecclesiastical New Year on September 1st, 2018, that God will bless all of you abundantly from on high.  I also pray that you will be moved to rededicate yourselves and your lives to Christ and to the Orthodox Church.   In September I will post a new message for the coming Church New Year.  

Brief Biographical information:

Prior to full-time life in the ministry of the Church my background was in public-service (Law Enforcement) both in the civilian and military.  I began my career in Law Enforcement with a University Police Department (NMIMT) in Central New Mexico in 1996.  During this same time period, the opportunity would present itself, to enlist in the New Mexico Air National Guard; at that time the 150th Fighter Wing, today the 150th has been re-tasked, as the 150th Special Operations Wing.  I enlisted and was assigned to the 150th Security Forces Squadron.  I completed Basic Military Training at Lackland AFB in San Antonio, TX, and also completed my Air Force Technical School –Security Forces/Law Enforcement Training academy at Lackland AFB as well.  In January of 1997, I took a full-time position with a City (Socorro) Police Department in Central New Mexico.  To pursue advancement opportunities a year later I would go on active duty in the U.S.A.F. leaving civilian Law Enforcement.

During my time in the Air Force I was deployed to many different locations throughout the world and in support of many different military operations.  Including, Operation Southern Watch, Operation Northern Watch, Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom, as well as numerous deployments for local exercises and supporting NATO exercises in Europe.  While my primary specialty in the Air Force was Security Forces, I was also assigned to the 64th Weapons of Mass Destruction –Civil Support Team (this units primary mission was to assist civilian authorities in the event of a terrorist attack.) In the fall of 2002, I was Honorably Discharged due to medical issues that arose as a result of my service.  That same year I would enter Seminary at Hellenic College and Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology.

In 2005 I completed my Bachelor’s Degree and in 2008 I would graduate with my Masters of Divinity Degree.  On December 16th, 2007, I was ordained to the Holy Deaconate by His Eminence, Metropolitan ISAIAH of Denver and on January 19th, 2014, I was ordained to the Holy Priesthood by His Eminence, Metropolitan EVANGELOS of New Jersey.  I am originally from Paramus, New Jersey, and I have lived in a number of States on the East Coast and in the Southwestern United States.


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